Good morning from my beautiful little Sanctuary it is my final moments here in The Amazon actually it might not be this Weather keeps up there’s a chance our Flight could be canceled but we’re Supposed to be flying out of here in About three hours so we’re getting Packed up this morning was just Incredible that is your bed that is the Amazon and all you can hear is thunder The rain crashing down on the water for Me that is the most relaxing sound that There is I woke up around 5 a.m. and Just listened to the sounds until about 7 a.m. so it’s been an incredible start Also there’s the loudest monkey in there Somewhere and it sounds like a t-rex it Is that loud it can be heard as far as Five kilometers away and they’re just Basically marking their territory

They’re telling the other males you Better stay out you better not touch my Women because these be mine this is a Very fitting exit to the Amazon with a Torrential downpour and we’re saying Goodbye to Madre de Dios assuming our Flight takes off you got about a 45 Minute journey to the airport starting With this boat right here which is grey As far as the eye can see The bads of the Amazon I was supposed to Be please sign here we go All aboard the Amazon Ian Magic School Bus.

Overview of Lost LeBlanc’s Video ‘HOW TO VLOG (CAMERA + EQUIPMENT)’

Lost LeBlanc released a video titled ‘HOW TO VLOG (CAMERA + EQUIPMENT)’ in February 2017 from Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion Hotel. The video primarily focused on discussing camera and equipment used for vlogging.

Lost LeBlanc’s Camera Equipment

When it comes to vlogging, the choice of camera is crucial. Lost LeBlanc emphasized the importance of using a quality camera for producing engaging content. He also highlighted the use of a tripod and stabilizer to ensure steady shots, giving viewers a smooth and professional viewing experience. Additionally, a microphone was recommended for better audio quality, ensuring that the audio is clear and enhances the overall video content.

Camera Settings and Techniques

In the video, Lost LeBlanc shared insights into adjusting exposure and focus settings to optimize the image quality. By mastering these settings, vloggers can create visually appealing content with the right lighting and focus. He also discussed utilizing different shooting modes to experiment with various styles and effects, providing vloggers with opportunities to innovate their storytelling techniques. Lost LeBlanc offered valuable tips for capturing cinematic footage, elevating the overall production quality of vlogs.

Editing Software and Post-Production

For post-production, Lost LeBlanc recommended specific software for editing vlogs, emphasizing the importance of seamless editing to enhance the final video output. He discussed color correction and audio enhancement techniques to ensure that the visual and auditory aspects of the vlog are polished and engaging. Lost LeBlanc also suggested adding music and transitions to enrich the storytelling experience, captivating the audience and maintaining their interest throughout the vlog.

Tips for Vlogging in Different Environments

Addressing the challenges of vlogging in various environments, Lost LeBlanc provided tips for vloggers on dealing with low light conditions creatively. He also shared techniques for handling shaky footage while on the move, enabling vloggers to maintain video stability and quality. Moreover, Lost LeBlanc discussed capturing underwater footage with waterproof equipment, offering insights into expanding vlogging content beyond traditional settings.

Traveling with Camera Gear

Traveling with camera gear can be a challenge, but Lost LeBlanc offered packing tips for efficiently organizing and transporting equipment. He emphasized the importance of protecting gear from extreme weather conditions to ensure its longevity and functionality. Additionally, Lost LeBlanc discussed carrying camera gear on flights, providing guidance on navigating travel restrictions and ensuring the safe transport of equipment.

Social Media Promotion and Engagement

In the realm of social media promotion, Lost LeBlanc recommended sharing vlogs on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook to reach a wider audience. He encouraged vloggers to interact with followers through comments and messages, fostering engagement and building a supportive community. Collaboration with other vloggers was also suggested as a strategy for expanding reach and creating collaborative content for mutual benefit.

Challenges of Vlogging in Remote Locations

When vlogging in remote locations, vloggers face unique challenges such as unpredictable weather conditions, limited access to power sources for charging equipment, and difficulties in maintaining internet connectivity for uploading vlogs. Lost LeBlanc shed light on overcoming these challenges through proper preparation, adaptability, and resourcefulness, ensuring that vloggers can navigate difficult conditions while maintaining the quality of their content.

Upcoming Projects and Collaborations

Providing a glimpse into Kathy’s upcoming trip to Antigua and Barbuda, Lost LeBlanc shared insights into the press conference for Kathy’s project. He highlighted the travel tips and advice for running a social media business, offering valuable information for aspiring content creators looking to establish themselves in the digital space. Lost LeBlanc emphasized the importance of ongoing projects and collaborations for content creators, signaling a vibrant and engaged community in the world of vlogging.


In conclusion, Lost LeBlanc’s commitment to sharing vlogging tips and techniques is evident in his video ‘HOW TO VLOG (CAMERA + EQUIPMENT)’. By inspiring content creators to pursue their passion for vlogging and offering practical advice on equipment, editing, and engagement, Lost LeBlanc continues to empower a new generation of vloggers to tell their stories and share their experiences with the world. Stay tuned for more vlogs and updates on Lost LeBlanc’s channel, as he continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the realm of vlogging.