In “The 6 Must-Visit Places in Toronto” video by Lost LeBlanc, he shares his second day in Canada after returning from a 7.5 month trip around Asia. He and his companion, Laura, are staying with family in Toronto and are excited to explore the city. They start by visiting the iconic CN Tower and indulging in some beloved Canadian culture at Tim Hortons. Later, they explore the Toronto Eaton Center and observe the quietness of the city, possibly due to it being a Sunday. Despite this, they are still able to enjoy the Pan Am Games happening in Toronto and take in the sights and sounds of the city. Overall, Lost LeBlanc and Laura are thrilled to be in Toronto and can’t wait to experience all that it has to offer.

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The CN Tower

One of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks is the CN Tower. Standing tall in the city’s skyline, the CN Tower used to hold the title of the world’s tallest freestanding building. While it may have been surpassed by other buildings over the years, it still remains an impressive sight to behold. With beautiful weather during your visit, you are able to see the tower clearly against the backdrop of the blue sky. Its height and grandeur symbolize the city’s ambition and growth.

Toronto Eaton Center

For a day of shopping and entertainment, the Toronto Eaton Center is a must-visit. As one of the city’s largest malls, it offers a wide variety of stores and dining options. What’s interesting is that it was surprisingly quiet during your visit on a Sunday. Usually bustling with shoppers, it seemed that most people were elsewhere. Nevertheless, you were still able to enjoy some retail therapy and purchase new shoes. The Eaton Center truly showcases Toronto’s vibrant and diverse retail scene.

Toronto Pan Am Games

While you were in Toronto, the city was hosting the Pan Am Games, a multi-sport event similar to the Olympics but on a smaller scale. The games brought together athletes from Canada, the United States, and the Americas. Despite the ongoing event, the city seemed unusually calm, with only a concert taking place as an indication of the festivities. Nonetheless, it was interesting to be in Toronto during such a significant sporting event.

Blue Jays Stadium

Toronto is home to the Blue Jays, the city’s professional baseball team. While not traditionally known for their success in recent years, the Blue Jays are an important part of the city’s sports scene. As you passed by the Blue Jays stadium, you couldn’t help but reflect on the city’s sports teams and their performance. It seems that many of the teams in Toronto struggle to achieve consistent success, despite the city’s size and passion for sports.

Italian Restaurant

During your stay in Toronto, you had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Italian dinner with Laura’s cousins. Italian cuisine is always a crowd pleaser, and this meal was no exception. The restaurant served authentic dishes that satisfied your taste buds and left you feeling content. The dinner was not just about the food, but also about spending quality time with family. It was a heartwarming experience that highlighted the importance of family and good food in Toronto.

Arriving in Toronto

After your 7.5 month trip around Asia, you and Laura arrived in Toronto. Excited to be back home, you instantly noticed the train system that runs downtown. This convenient mode of transportation allowed you to easily travel around the city during your stay. Your aunt and uncle graciously offered to host you, providing a comfortable place to stay and the opportunity for some much-needed relaxation.

Exploring the Train System

The train system in Toronto is a convenient and efficient way to navigate the city. It connects various neighborhoods and allows residents and visitors to travel quickly and easily. During your stay, you had the chance to explore the train system and experience the ease of commuting in Toronto. It was a pleasant experience that made getting around the city a breeze.

Family Time and Relaxation

While in Toronto, you took the opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Staying at your aunt and uncle’s place allowed you to reconnect with them and create lasting memories. Without the pressures of traveling or sightseeing, you were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company. This time spent with family was a valuable part of your visit to Toronto.

Staying at Aunt and Uncle’s

During your stay in Toronto, you were fortunate to have the hospitality of your aunt and uncle. Their home provided a comfortable and welcoming environment for you and Laura. Staying with family allowed you to experience the warmth and love that comes with being in a familiar space. It was a home away from home.

Enjoying Good Food

One of the highlights of your stay in Toronto was the opportunity to enjoy delicious food. Whether it was the home-cooked meals prepared by your aunt and uncle or the Italian dinner with Laura’s cousins, the quality and taste of the food were exceptional. Toronto is known for its diverse culinary scene, and you were able to experience the city’s food culture firsthand.

Meeting with Cousins

In addition to spending time with your aunt and uncle, you also had the chance to meet Laura’s cousins. Family connections are important, and being able to meet and bond with extended family members was a special experience. The dinner with Laura’s cousins allowed you to strengthen those relationships and create new memories together.

Taking the Go Train to Toronto

The Go Train is a popular mode of transportation for commuting into Toronto from the surrounding areas. It provides a convenient and efficient way to travel, allowing you to avoid traffic and parking hassles in the city. Taking the Go Train into Toronto was a smooth and pleasant experience.

Admiring Tall Buildings

Toronto is known for its tall buildings, and being in the city allowed you to appreciate their grandeur. From the CN Tower to the brand new UI Tower, the city’s skyline is filled with impressive architectural feats. The tall buildings serve as a testament to Toronto’s growth and development as a major urban center.

Weather in Toronto

During your visit, Toronto had beautiful weather. It was hot, but there was a refreshing breeze that made it enjoyable. Coming from Asia, where the temperatures can be extremely hot, the Canadian hot weather was a welcomed change. The clear skies and warm temperatures added to the overall pleasant experience of being in Toronto.

The Brand New UI Tower

Among the tall buildings in Toronto is the brand new UI Tower, which is the headquarters of the company you will be working with. The tower represents opportunities and new beginnings as you embark on your professional journey in Toronto. It is a symbol of growth and progress, both for you and the city.

Working with the Company

Starting in the third week of September, you will be working with the company located in the UI Tower. This new venture is exciting, and the possibilities for growth and success are abundant. It is an opportunity to contribute to the thriving business scene in Toronto and make a positive impact in your field.

Returning to Tim Hortons

A visit to Toronto would not be complete without a trip to Tim Hortons. This famous Canadian establishment holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians, offering delicious coffee and food. Returning to Tim Hortons after being overseas was a moment of nostalgia and a reminder of the familiar comforts of home.