Prepare to be thrilled and terrified as Universal Destinations & Experiences unveils the name and details of their new year-round horror attraction in Las Vegas: Universal Horror Unleashed. Known for their iconic horror films and immersive Halloween Horror Nights events, Universal is taking their storytelling prowess to the next level with this permanent horror experience. Located at AREA15, guests will not only be able to immerse themselves in a thrilling world of horrors but also enjoy themed dining locations, bars, and spooky merchandise. Stay tuned for more details and the official opening date of this chilling new attraction. Las Vegas may be known for its bright lights and laughter, but with Universal Horror Unleashed, darkness and screams will reign supreme.

Name and Details Revealed for Las Vegas Year-Round Attraction

Universal Horror Unleashed: Details announced for the year-round horror attraction in Las Vegas

Universal reveals name and details for year-round horror attraction in Las Vegas

Are you ready to dive into the world of horror? Universal has just announced an exciting new attraction that is sure to send chills down your spine. Introducing Universal Horror Unleashed, a year-round horror experience that will bring the darker side of Universal to Las Vegas. Get ready for a thrilling adventure like no other as Universal takes immersion and storytelling to the next level.

Universal Horror Unleashed: A Year-round Horror Experience

Universal has a long history in the horror industry, beginning back in the early 1900s when they first introduced iconic characters like Frankenstein and the Mummy to the silver screen. Since then, they have become a powerhouse in the horror industry, producing iconic modern horror films and hosting the annual Halloween Horror Nights events at their theme parks around the world. Now, Universal is bringing their expertise and passion for horror to Las Vegas.

With Universal Horror Unleashed, you will have the opportunity to step into a world of fright and explore the depths of your darkest fears. This year-round horror experience will take place at AREA15 in Las Vegas, providing the perfect setting for an immersive and spine-chilling adventure.

But it’s not just about the scares. Universal Horror Unleashed will also feature themed dining locations and bars where you can grab a bite to eat or enjoy a spooky cocktail. And of course, no trip to a Universal horror experience would be complete without some merchandise shopping. Get ready to take home some spooky souvenirs to remember your terrifying adventure.

One of the most exciting aspects of Universal Horror Unleashed is that it will be continuously updated, ensuring that there is always something new and exciting to experience. From seasonal events to special promotions, Universal is committed to keeping the horror alive year-round.

Expansion and Future Projects

But Universal’s plans don’t stop with Las Vegas. The company is actively pursuing expansion into new markets, including the recent announcement of a kid-friendly theme park opening in Frisco, Texas. This new park will offer a whole new level of fun and excitement for families, bringing the magic of Universal to a whole new audience.

In addition to new theme parks, Universal is also launching a new credit card in 2024 that will come with exciting theme park perks. While details are still scarce, this is definitely something to look forward to for all Universal fans.

The Impact on Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its lively and vibrant atmosphere, but Universal Horror Unleashed will add a whole new level of excitement to the city. With its dark corners and thrilling screams, this year-round horror experience will be a stark contrast to the typical Las Vegas experience. Whether you’re a horror enthusiast or just looking for something different to do in the city, Universal Horror Unleashed is sure to be a must-visit attraction.


Universal Horror Unleashed is a significant addition to Universal’s portfolio and a dream come true for horror lovers. With its immersive storytelling and year-round scares, this attraction is set to be a game-changer in the horror industry. While we eagerly await more details and an opening date, one thing is for sure – Universal Horror Unleashed is going to be an experience like no other.

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