In “A First-Time Nikon Shooter’s Review of the Nikon Z 6 Mirrorless Camera,” the author shares their experience as a first-time Nikon shooter, providing an extensive review of the Nikon Z 6 mirrorless camera. After using the camera for a month, they discuss the pros and cons, including features such as weatherproofing, great image quality, and 4K shooting capabilities. The author also mentions their partnership with Nikon and their testing of the camera while traveling in Indonesia and Thailand alongside content creator Lost LeBlanc. Despite some limitations, the author concludes that the Nikon Z 6 is a valuable camera, particularly for travel filmmakers.

Over the past month, as a first-time Nikon shooter, you have had an opportunity to extensively test and review the Nikon Z 6 mirrorless camera. In this review, you will discuss the camera’s features and your experience using it, including its weatherproofing capabilities, high-quality image results, 4K shooting capabilities, and impressive low-light performance. You will also touch on the limitations of the camera, such as the lack of a reliable facial focus and wide-angle lens in the filmmaker’s kit. Ultimately, you will determine whether or not the Nikon Z 6 is a camera worth considering and if it will become a part of your daily workflow.

Overview of the Nikon Z 6 Mirrorless Camera

The Nikon Z 6 mirrorless camera is a versatile and powerful camera designed for travel filmmakers, photographers, vloggers, and cinematographers. In this comprehensive article, we will discuss the features, performance, image quality, drawbacks, and limitations of the Nikon Z 6. Additionally, we will explore the author’s personal experience as a first-time Nikon shooter and their partnership with Lost LeBlanc on Instagram.

Introduction to the Nikon Z 6

The Nikon Z 6 is a mirrorless camera that combines advanced technology with a compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go shooting. With its full-frame sensor, the camera delivers high-quality images and videos with exceptional dynamic range and low-light performance.

The author’s experience as a first-time Nikon shooter

As a first-time Nikon shooter, the author had no preconceived notions about the Nikon Z 6. However, after using the camera extensively for a month, they were pleasantly surprised by its performance and features. The author will share their firsthand experience and impressions of the camera throughout this article.

Partnership with Lost LeBlanc on Instagram

Nikon partnered with Lost LeBlanc, a popular content creator on Instagram, for a video showcasing the capabilities of the Nikon Z 6. Lost LeBlanc tested the camera while traveling in Indonesia and Thailand, capturing stunning footage and sharing their experience with the camera’s features and performance.

Camera Features and Performance

The Nikon Z 6 comes with essential accessories, including a 24 to 70 f/4 lens, a Moza Air 2 gimbal, and an Atmos Ninja 5 external monitor and recorder. These accessories enhance the camera’s capabilities and allow users to capture professional-quality videos and photos.

The camera’s video recording capabilities are impressive, with the ability to shoot 4K footage at 30 and 24 frames per second without any crop in any of the record settings. This feature gives filmmakers the freedom to capture wide-angle shots without any loss of quality.

The Nikon Z 6 offers five-axis stabilization, which is crucial for shooting stable footage while on the move. This feature is particularly useful for travel filmmakers who often shoot in challenging conditions.

In terms of low-light performance, the Nikon Z 6 excels. It can capture high-quality images even in low-light conditions, thanks to its ability to collect light and compensate with ISO. This feature is essential for shooting in dimly lit environments and during night photography.

The camera’s weatherproof and heat-resistant design ensures its durability and reliability in various weather conditions. It is Pledged that Nikon Z 6 can withstand water and tested during shooting at waterfalls. Additionally, the camera’s ability to handle heat is evident, as it never overheated despite shooting 4K footage for long periods.

The Nikon Z 6 boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate its settings and features easily. The camera’s intuitive design and quick access buttons make it a joy to use, especially for those new to Nikon cameras.

Image Quality and Photography Features

The Nikon Z 6 captures high-quality photos with excellent dynamic range. It excels at preserving details in both highlights and shadows, producing images with stunning clarity and depth. The camera’s color rendition is also commendable, delivering beautiful and true-to-life colors in every shot.

One notable feature of the Nikon Z 6 is its continuous shooting capabilities. The camera can shoot up to 12 photos per second, making it suitable for capturing fast-paced action or events where timing is crucial.

The electronic viewfinder enhances the shooting experience by providing a clear and accurate representation of the final image. It eliminates the need to rely solely on the rear screen, especially in bright sunlight when the screen may become difficult to see.

The built-in intervalometer is another valuable feature for time-lapse photography. Users can conveniently shoot time-lapse videos or sequences of photos without the need for external accessories or complicated setup.

The Nikon Z 6’s file sizes are smaller compared to other cameras, which is beneficial for data management and storage. Smaller file sizes mean less space required on memory cards and hard drives, making it easier to manage large volumes of footage and photos.

External recording options are available for those seeking professional-level features. The camera can be used with an Atmos Ninja 5 4K external monitor and recorder, allowing for high-quality recordings in 10-bit color depth. This feature gives users greater flexibility and control in post-production.

Drawbacks and Limitations

While the Nikon Z 6 has many impressive features, it does have a few drawbacks and limitations that potential buyers should be aware of. One limitation is the camera’s unreliable facial focus. The autofocus system may struggle to track and maintain focus on a subject’s face, particularly in challenging or busy environments.

Another drawback is the absence of a flip screen and a wide-angle lens in the filmmakers’ kit. A flip screen is essential for vlogging and shooting self-portraits, while a wide-angle lens allows for capturing expansive landscapes and immersive shots. However, it is noteworthy that the author purchased a separate wide-angle lens to address this limitation.

The Nikon Z 6 uses XQD cards, which are reliable and fast but require an additional expense. XQD cards offer high-speed data transfer and durability, but they are less common and more expensive compared to other memory card formats.

The camera’s battery life is average, meaning users may need to carry additional batteries or a power bank for extended shooting sessions. Additionally, the availability of dedicated Z lenses for the Nikon Z 6 is currently limited, which may restrict the lens options for users, especially those with specific shooting requirements.

Considering a Switch to Nikon

After extensively using the Nikon Z 6, the author has evaluated the camera’s value and whether they would consider switching to Nikon as a result of their experience. The camera’s value, features, and overall performance make it a compelling option for travel filmmakers and content creators.

The author plans to use the Nikon Z 6 as a backup camera for high-quality cinematics. Its portability, image quality, and video capabilities make it a reliable tool for capturing stunning footage while traveling. However, the author will not fully switch to Nikon due to their investment in competitor lenses. Switching camera systems can be a significant investment, and compatibility with existing lenses is an essential consideration for many photographers and filmmakers.


In conclusion, the Nikon Z 6 mirrorless camera offers a range of features and performance capabilities that make it an excellent choice for travel filmmakers and content creators. Its portability, image quality, and video capabilities, coupled with its user-friendly interface, make it an exceptional tool for capturing stunning footage while on the move.

The camera’s high-quality photos, continuous shooting capabilities, electronic viewfinder, and intervalometer contribute to its versatility and appeal for various shooting scenarios. However, it is essential to note some limitations, such as the unreliable facial focus, absence of a flip screen and wide-angle lens in the filmmakers’ kit, dependency on XQD cards, average battery life, and limited lens availability.

Ultimately, the Nikon Z 6 provides exceptional value for its features and performance, especially for travel filmmakers and content creators. While the author is considering using it as a backup camera for high-quality cinematics, their investment in competitor lenses prevents a full switch to Nikon. Overall, the Nikon Z 6 offers an impressive package that caters to the needs of travel filmmakers and photographers.