In the video titled “Bali Closed – so we left,” created by Lost LeBlanc, the focus is on the upcoming shutdown of Bali called Nyepi, which is the day of silence where all activities cease. The video features various Instagram accounts, including Lost LeBlanc and rubystravels, as well as their friends. It showcases their journey to Lombok, the neighboring island, to explore and experience different adventures, such as diving in the Gili Islands and visiting stunning waterfalls on mainland Lombok. The video praises Epidemic Sound for providing copyright-free music and sound effects and highlights the beauty and uniqueness of the destinations they visit.

Tomorrow, Bali will have a complete shutdown called Nyepi. It is the day of silence where there is no talking, electricity, internet, or leaving your home. The international airport in Bali will be closed. The rest of Indonesia will remain open. The opportunity was taken to visit Lombok, the neighboring island. Diving in the Gili Islands was amazing and Ocean Five Dive Shop was recommended. The journey through tunnels and rivers to see the waterfalls on mainland Lombok was an unexpected adventure. Overall, the video captures the excitement and beauty of their experiences while exploring the nearby islands during Bali’s closure.

Bali Closed – so we left

Introduction to the video

The video titled “Bali Closed – so we left” is created by Lost LeBlanc, a popular travel vlogger on YouTube. In this video, Lost LeBlanc explores the stunning island of Bali and its neighboring island, Lombok. The video showcases the beauty of Bali and the opportunities that arose when the island went into a complete shutdown called Nyepi. The video also features various Instagram accounts, music tracks, and activities that contribute to the overall experience.

Featured Instagram accounts

Lost LeBlanc’s Instagram account is one of the featured accounts in the video. He shares breathtaking photos and videos from his travels around the world. Another featured account is rubystravels, which offers a unique perspective on travel and adventure. Along with these accounts, the video also includes the accounts of their friends, such as @candela.mont, @ricgm, @telimunura, and @maxwell_grover.

Music tracks and activities

The video incorporates a variety of songs from different artists and bands. Some of the featured tracks include Luwaks – Ten Eleven, Toby Tranter – Enlightened, Jones Meadow – Kite, Roof – Breathe In Breathe Out (Instrumental), and many more. The music adds depth and enhances the overall viewing experience. The video also showcases various activities such as diving, exploring waterfalls, and enjoying the local cuisine.

Bali’s upcoming shutdown – Nyepi

The video highlights the upcoming shutdown in Bali called Nyepi, also known as the day of silence. During Nyepi, the island observes strict restrictions such as no talking, no electricity, no internet, and staying indoors. This tradition is unique to Bali and allows for reflection and self-discipline. The video emphasizes the significance of Nyepi and the opportunity it provided for the travelers to explore Lombok.

Airport closure and opportunities

As part of Nyepi, the international airport in Bali is closed. However, the rest of Indonesia remains open for travel. This closure presented an exciting opportunity for the travelers to visit Lombok, the neighboring island. Lombok offers a different experience and a chance to explore its natural beauty.

Exploration of Lombok

The video showcases the exploration of the Gili Islands, three small islands located off the coast of Lombok. The travelers took an anti-gen test before traveling to ensure their safety. They enjoyed their time on Gili Air, one of the islands known for its tranquility and laid-back atmosphere. Activities such as diving, sunset watching, and trying local cuisine added to their memorable experience.

Diving in the Gili Islands

Diving in the Gili Islands proved to be an amazing experience. The video recommends Ocean Five Dive Shop for those interested in diving. The crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and encounters with sea creatures like turtles made the dives truly unforgettable. The video captures the beauty of the underwater world and highlights the importance of conservation efforts to protect these ecosystems.

Waterfalls in mainland Lombok

The video takes viewers on a trip to mainland Lombok to explore its stunning waterfalls. The travelers embarked on an enjoyable hike through the lush forests to reach the waterfalls. The experience was filled with breathtaking views, refreshing swims, and the company of local guides who added depth to the journey. Unexpected adventures, such as traversing through tunnels and encountering monkeys, made the hike even more thrilling.


In conclusion, the video “Bali Closed – so we left” offers a comprehensive and captivating view of Bali and Lombok. It showcases the beauty of these islands, the cultural traditions of Bali, and the opportunities that arise when faced with unexpected closures. Through stunning visuals, engaging activities, and the exploration of various Instagram accounts, the video captures the essence of these destinations. Bali and Lombok continue to inspire travelers with their natural wonders and unique experiences, making them must-visit destinations for any avid traveler.