In the article “Discover where locals travel in Argentina,” three Argentina-based experts share their top picks for under-the-radar holiday destinations in the country. From the quaint town of San Antonio de Areco, known for its gaucho culture and historic bars, to the breathtaking wilderness of Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina, and the amazing wildlife in the pristine wetlands of Iberá National Park, these experts offer unique insights into lesser-known gems that are cherished by locals. Whether you’re looking for cultural immersion, natural beauty, or culinary delights, these hidden destinations in Argentina are sure to captivate your heart.

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Where Locals Go features under-the-radar holiday destinations

Straying from the typical tourist track

When planning a holiday, it’s easy to fall into the trap of visiting the popular tourist destinations. But if you’re looking for a unique and authentic experience, it’s worth straying from the typical tourist track and exploring under-the-radar destinations. That’s where Where Locals Go comes in. This platform features hidden gems that are often overlooked by visitors but cherished by locals. By venturing to these off-the-beaten-path locations, you can discover the true essence of a place and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Asking Argentina-based experts for their top picks

To help you uncover the lesser-known treasures of Argentina, we reached out to three experts who are based in the country. These locals have a deep knowledge and love for Argentina, and they were more than happy to share their top picks for under-the-radar holiday destinations. So, let’s dive in and explore these hidden gems together!

San Antonio de Areco in the Pampas

A different world outside of Buenos Aires

Federico Perelmuter, a freelance writer and critic based in Buenos Aires, recommends visiting San Antonio de Areco in the Pampas region. This small rural town is located just two hours from Buenos Aires, yet it feels like stepping into a different world. With its colonial architecture and cobblestone streets sparkling under the sun, San Antonio de Areco exudes a timeless charm that is hard to resist.

Colonial architecture and cobblestone streets

Wandering through the streets of San Antonio de Areco, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time. The town’s colonial architecture is beautifully preserved, and the cobblestone streets add to its old-world charm. It’s a photographer’s paradise, with every corner offering picturesque scenes begging to be captured.

Gaucho culture at the Güiraldes Museum

To truly delve into the gaucho culture, a visit to the Güiraldes Museum is a must. Housed in the former family estate of Ricardo Güiraldes, this museum showcases well-preserved artifacts that represent key elements of gaucho culture. From boleadoras, which are weapons used to ensnare cattle, to pulperías, which are grocery stores that also functioned as bars, you’ll get a fascinating glimpse into the traditional way of life in the Pampas region.

Indulging in alfajores from La Olla de Cobre

No visit to San Antonio de Areco is complete without indulging in alfajores from La Olla de Cobre. These mouthwatering treats are a beloved Argentine delicacy, consisting of two buttery cookies sandwiched together with dulce de leche and often coated in chocolate. La Olla de Cobre is a renowned chocolate shop in Areco, and their alfajores are simply divine. Make sure to grab a few to enjoy as you explore the town.

Accommodation at the Santa Ana Boutique Hostel

For a comfortable and conveniently located accommodation option, Federico recommends the Santa Ana Boutique Hostel. This charming hostel is centrally located, making it easy to explore all that San Antonio de Areco has to offer. With beautiful interiors and reasonable prices, it’s the perfect place to rest and recharge after a day of adventuring.

Dining at Restaurante Histórico Lacarra

When it comes to dining in San Antonio de Areco, Federico suggests a visit to Restaurante Histórico Lacarra. This restaurant offers delicious, classically Argentine food in the ambiance of an old townhouse. It’s a culinary experience that shouldn’t be missed, and the perfect opportunity to taste authentic Argentine cuisine.

A stop at the legendary Boliche de Bessonart Bar

To truly immerse yourself in the local culture, you must make a stop at the legendary Boliche de Bessonart Bar. This bar has a history spanning over 200 years and wouldn’t look out of place in a Western movie. It’s a favorite spot for locals, gauchos, and tourists alike, and a great place to mix and mingle while enjoying a Fernet Cola, a classic Argentine drink.

Ushuaia, a world away from Buenos Aires

Breathtaking Patagonian wilderness

Sorrel Moseley-Williams, a British travel, food, and drink journalist and sommelier based in Buenos Aires, recommends venturing to Ushuaia. Located at Argentina’s southern tip, Ushuaia offers breathtaking Patagonian wilderness that is a world away from the bustling city of Buenos Aires. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, Ushuaia is a paradise waiting to be explored.

Staying at Arakur for stunning views

To fully appreciate the beauty of Ushuaia, Sorrel suggests staying at Arakur. This hotel is perched atop Cerro Alarkén, offering stunning views of the surrounding Patagonian landscapes. The hotel features a fabulous in/out swimming pool and 360º panoramas, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Ushuaia without leaving the comfort of your accommodation.

Exploring Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego

For those craving outdoor adventures, Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego is a must-visit destination in Ushuaia. This national park is home to snow-capped mountains, frigid waters, and blustery lenga forests that will take your breath away. Whether you prefer hiking, wildlife spotting, or simply immersing yourself in nature, Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego has something for everyone.

Savoring the tasting menu at Kalma

After a day of exploring, treat yourself to a culinary delight at Kalma. This restaurant in Ushuaia offers a tasting menu that showcases the flavors and ingredients of Patagonia. One of the star dishes is merluza negra, also known as Patagonian toothfish, a delicacy that is sure to please your taste buds. Pair your meal with a selection of wines from the region for a truly exceptional dining experience.

Visiting Estancia Harberton for a historic ranch experience

For a unique experience in Ushuaia, Sorrel recommends visiting Estancia Harberton. This historic ranch, founded in 1886, is a national treasure that offers a glimpse into the region’s past. Take a dive into the Museo Acatashun, which boasts South America’s best collection of marine animals and birds from the southernmost region. The remoteness of Harberton adds an otherworldly charm to the visit, and you can even book a cottage along the Beagle Canal for an even more extraordinary escape.

Amazing wildlife in pristine wetlands: Iberá National Park

Attending the Fiesta Nacional del Chamamé in Corrientes Province

Diego Jemio, an arts and culture writer from Buenos Aires, recommends visiting Corrientes Province for the Fiesta Nacional del Chamamé. This vibrant festival celebrates chamamé, the ancestral music of the indigenous Guaraní who live in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Through its songs, chamamé weaves tales of the region’s wetlands and its teeming wildlife, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Discovering Iberá National Park’s restored wetlands

Inspired by the festival, Diego suggests delving deeper into Corrientes Province and visiting Iberá National Park. This park is home to restored wetlands that proudly stand as one of the largest freshwater reserves on our planet. Spanning an astonishing 3.2 million acres, Iberá offers a pristine habitat for a diverse range of wildlife.

Exploring Colonia Carlos Pellegrini on the Iberá Lagoon

Within Iberá National Park, Diego recommends exploring the quaint town of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini. This peaceful town is nestled on the shores of the Iberá Lagoon and provides the perfect base for exploring the park. One of his favorite activities in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini is a simple canoe ride along the waterways. In this tranquil oasis, you’ll have the chance to spot herons, caimans, and capybaras in their natural habitat.

Canoe rides, wildlife sightings, and boat tours

Colonia Carlos Pellegrini offers many tour companies that provide guided boat and kayak tours of the Iberá Lagoon. These excursions allow you to get up close and personal with the incredible wildlife that calls this region home. From caimans lounging in the sun to herons gracefully gliding through the air, every moment on the water is filled with awe and wonder.

Dining at Jajetopa for simple yet delightful dishes

When it comes to satisfying your taste buds in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, Diego’s heart belongs to Jajetopa. This small restaurant owned by the talented cook Sara Medina offers simple yet delightful dishes, often announced on a blackboard. The menu features traditional dishes like mbaipu, a Guaraní delicacy made with chicken, manioc flour, and lamb stew. Every bite at Jajetopa is a celebration of local flavors and culinary traditions.

Staying at Casa de Esteros hotel in the village

For a comfortable and cozy stay in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, Diego recommends Casa de Esteros hotel. This hotel allows you to immerse yourself in the village life and offers a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. In the evenings, you can curl up beside a crackling bonfire in the hotel’s expansive gardens, experiencing the tranquility of Iberá National Park firsthand.

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By venturing off the beaten path and exploring under-the-radar holiday destinations, you can create truly memorable and immersive travel experiences. Whether you’re wandering through the cobblestone streets of San Antonio de Areco, marveling at the breathtaking landscapes of Ushuaia, discovering the wildlife in Iberá National Park, or embarking on a polar adventure in Antarctica or the Arctic, you’ll have the opportunity to see a different side of Argentina and the world. So, pack your bags, embrace your curiosity, and venture where the locals go. You won’t be disappointed.