Hey there! Get ready for some GoPro fun on the lake with “Boats & Bros”. This video, created by Lost LeBlanc, takes you on a thrilling adventure as he and his friends enjoy a summer day in Ottawa, Canada. After his long trip around Asia, LeBlanc is back in his home country and ready for some exciting activities. The video showcases their time on the lake, taking the boat out and capturing stunning footage using their GoPro Hero 4 Silver. They also give us a sneak peek into their day at the cottage, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and working on a video submission contest hosted by GoPro. So, get ready to immerse yourself in some incredible boating and summer vibes!

The video, filmed entirely using GoPro cameras, highlights the breathtaking scenery of Ottawa and the fun-filled activities that LeBlanc and his friends indulge in. From exploring the lake to relaxing at the cottage, you’ll be transported to a world of adventure and serenity. Keep an eye out for some amazing shots captured by the GoPro cameras, and join LeBlanc as he prepares to submit his video for a chance to win an incredible GoPro experience in LA. Stay tuned for all the excitement and don’t miss out on the action-packed “GoPro Fun on the Lake with Boats & Bros” video!


Before embarking on your boating adventure, there are a few preparations you need to make. First, set up your emails to ensure you stay connected with your contacts and potential collaborations. This will allow you to keep in touch with brands like Daniel Wellington, who may be sending you products for Instagram posts. Remember to mention your collaborations on Instagram to keep your followers informed and engaged.

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Another important aspect of your preparations is the GoPro feature. As a GoPro enthusiast, you have the opportunity to submit a video for their contest. The Hero4 Session submissions for the month of July can lead to the grand prize of a trip to LA and an unforgettable GoPro experience. Take advantage of your time at the cottage to plan and create a winning entry that showcases your skills and creativity.

Boating Adventure

Now that you have completed your preparations, it’s time to head out on the boat and enjoy the summer in Ottawa. This is the official start of your time in Ottawa, and what better way to celebrate than by hitting the water? As an avid GoPro user, you’re fully equipped and ready to capture every moment of your boating adventure.

During your outing, you may encounter some boat troubles. Don’t let this dampen your spirits, as it can happen to anyone. Take a moment to assess the situation and troubleshoot any issues. In this particular instance, you realized the boat was simply tied to a docked rock. Once you freed the boat, you were able to continue enjoying the beautiful lake and the freedom it provides.

GoPro Video Contest

With your boat adventure complete, it’s time to focus on the GoPro video contest. This contest gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity using the Hero4 Session. Take advantage of your time at the cottage to plan and create a submission that stands out from the rest. Remember, the grand prize is a trip to LA and a chance to immerse yourself in the GoPro experience.

To increase your chances of winning, carefully plan your video. Brainstorm unique ideas, select stunning locations, and choreograph fascinating shots. Use your GoPro expertise to capture thrilling moments that will captivate the judges. Don’t forget to edit your video to perfection, ensuring a seamless and visually stunning final product.

Relaxation at the Cottage

After the excitement of the boat adventure and the intensity of planning your GoPro video, it’s time to relax at the cottage. Take advantage of the serene surroundings and enjoy the tranquility of the lake. Whether you choose to swim, paddleboard, or simply lounge on the dock, make sure you take time to recharge and unwind.

While at the cottage, continue working on your videos. Use this peaceful environment to edit and fine-tune your GoPro submission. Experiment with different techniques and effects to make your video truly exceptional. Remember, every detail counts when competing with other talented individuals vying for the prize.

Additionally, take time for family. Use this opportunity to bond with loved ones and create lasting memories. Organize family activities such as board games, barbecues, or stargazing sessions. The cottage is the perfect place to strengthen your relationships and enjoy quality time together.


In conclusion, your summer adventure in Ottawa has been filled with preparation, excitement, and relaxation. You’ve experienced the joy of boating, documented your journey using your beloved GoPro, and prepared a standout submission for the GoPro video contest. As you continue your time at the cottage, cherish each moment and continue to create meaningful content.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Keep exploring, capturing, and sharing your adventures with the world. Your dedication to your craft and passion for adventure will continue to open doors for collaboration and new opportunities. Enjoy the rest of your summer and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead.