In the article titled “Lost LeBlanc and his group depart Bali during a difficult period,” the author shares their travel experience during a challenging time in Bali. They mention that it was deemed the worst time to leave the destination but do not specify why. Lost LeBlanc, a travel vlogger, describes how their plans were disrupted by a cyclone, causing floods and landslides on the island. Despite their frustrations, they acknowledge the devastation caused by the cyclone and decide to help a neighboring village in need. After the cyclone passes, they continue their trip, facing challenges such as flooded roads and a difficult hike. They eventually reach their destination, spend the night in a tribal village, and continue their adventure, encountering a beautiful sunrise and visiting a magnificent crater. The video ends with Lost LeBlanc teasing their upcoming boat trip in the Komodo Islands.

Lost LeBlanc and his group depart Bali during a difficult period

Reasons for Departure

Lost LeBlanc, a well-known travel vlogger, and his group decided to leave Bali during a particularly challenging time. While the specific reason for their departure is not mentioned, it can be assumed that they deemed it the worst time to continue their stay in Bali. This decision may have been influenced by external factors such as weather conditions, safety concerns, or the need to change their travel plans.

The Impact of the Cyclone

Unfortunately, their departure coincided with the occurrence of a cyclone, which had severe impacts on the island. The cyclone resulted in the disruption of their travel plans, particularly regarding their flight to Ende. The storm was so intense that the pilot of their flight was forced to turn back, preventing them from reaching their intended destination. This unexpected turn of events left Lost LeBlanc and his group frustrated and disappointed.

The cyclone also led to devastating floods and landslides across the island. The heavy rainfall caused water dams to overflow, resulting in the destruction of homes and the displacement of many people. Tragically, several fatal landslides occurred, claiming the lives of approximately 200 individuals. Lost LeBlanc emphasizes that while their altered travel plans were inconvenient, they pale in comparison to the devastation experienced by the local communities.

Stranded and Helping a Neighboring Village

After their flight was unable to reach Ende, Lost LeBlanc and his friends found themselves stranded in a town called La Boinba. However, instead of dwelling on their predicament, they decided to shift their focus towards helping a neighboring village that was in dire need due to the cyclone’s aftermath.

The neighboring village had experienced extensive flooding and significant damage. Additionally, they had lost access to basic necessities such as food and electricity. Lost LeBlanc and his group recognized the urgency of the situation and took it upon themselves to provide supplies and support to the struggling villagers. Through their efforts, they were able to contribute 500 units, which allowed the village to obtain 800 kilograms of rice. Although considered a small contribution in the face of such a disaster, it made a significant difference in the lives of those affected.

Continuing the Trip and Exploring a Remote Tribal Village

Decision to Continue After Cyclone

After the cyclone had passed and the initial crisis had been addressed, Lost LeBlanc and his friends were faced with a decision. They could have simply returned to Bali, considering the hardships they had already faced. However, they chose to make the most of their situation and continue their journey. They made the decision to explore a remote tribal village called Wadable.

Despite the challenges they had encountered, Lost LeBlanc and his group maintained their adventurous spirit and embraced the opportunity to experience a unique cultural encounter. By deciding to continue their trip, they hoped to leave behind the frustrations caused by the cyclone and create new memories in the tribal village.

Challenges Faced During the Journey

The journey to reach the remote tribal village was not an easy one. Lost LeBlanc and his companions had to navigate flooded roads and hike for several hours before reaching their destination. The flooded roads posed a significant obstacle, forcing them to temporarily stop their journey and wait for the water levels to decrease. Despite the difficulty and uncertainty, they remained determined to reach Wadable and immerse themselves in its culture.

Furthermore, the hike itself presented its own set of challenges. The terrain was steep, slippery, and physically demanding. Carrying their camera equipment added an extra level of difficulty to the hike. However, Lost LeBlanc and his group persevered, driven by their desire to explore the tribal village and learn from its inhabitants.

Reaching the Tribal Village

After facing the arduous journey, Lost LeBlanc and his friends finally arrived at the remote tribal village of Wadable. The exhaustion from the hike was overshadowed by their excitement to experience this unique place firsthand. The village was surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, with lush landscapes and picturesque mountains.

Lost LeBlanc reflects on the accommodation they received in the village, noting that it was a small but clean room. While it may not have been luxurious, the focus was on the overall experience rather than the comfort of the accommodations. However, Lost LeBlanc does express some disappointment with the lack of interaction with the locals. Language barriers and cultural differences may have hindered their ability to fully engage with the community.

Embarking on a Long Hike Back to the Car

After spending the night in the tribal village, Lost LeBlanc and his group prepared for their journey back to the car. They anticipated a challenging hike, as they would need to retrace their steps through the jungle and overcome the same obstacles they encountered on their way to Wadable. Despite the physical exertion and the length of the hike, Lost LeBlanc and his friends remained optimistic and eager for the upcoming adventures on their trip.


Despite the initial setbacks caused by the cyclone, Lost LeBlanc and his group embraced the challenges of their journey and used them as an opportunity to make a positive impact. They chose to help a neighboring village in need and then continued their trip to explore a remote tribal village. Through perseverance and determination, they overcame obstacles and reached their destinations, creating unforgettable memories along the way. Lost LeBlanc ends the video by teasing their upcoming boat trip in the Komodo Islands, promising more adventures to come.