In the video “Taking Thailand’s Sleeper Train to the Thai Islands,” the travelers embark on a journey from Bangkok to Surat Thani via Thailand’s Sleeper Train in 2nd class. Along the way, they explore Pier 21 and try various types of delicious food, as well as refreshing fruit smoothies. They meet up with a friend in Bangkok, brave the city’s traffic to visit a sky bar, and rush to catch the train, finding shops and food stalls near the train tracks. Once on board, they settle into their beds and enjoy a tasty dinner of Pad Thai. The video creator even edits and publishes a video while on the train, showcasing their fun and budget-friendly experience.

The following morning, they have breakfast on the train before arriving at their destination. Overall, the video recommends taking the sleeper train for a comfortable and affordable journey to the Thai islands.

Taking Thailand’s Sleeper Train to the Thai Islands


If you’re planning a trip to the Thai islands and want a budget-friendly and comfortable way to travel, look no further than Thailand’s sleeper train. In this article, we’ll take you through our experience of taking the sleeper train from Bangkok to Surat Thani and share all the details you need to know.

Pier 21: A Food Lover’s Paradise

Before embarking on our journey, we decided to make a stop at Pier 21, a hidden gem located on the fourth or fifth floor of Terminal 21 in Bangkok. This bustling food court is a must-visit for any budget traveler, with its wide array of small restaurants offering delicious and affordable meals. We highly recommend trying the Hainanese chicken set, as well as indulging in some fresh fruit smoothies. The best part? Most meals here are priced at just a dollar, so you can sample multiple dishes without breaking the bank.

Meeting up with Friends in Bangkok

While in Bangkok, we had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend we had met in Bali, Jasmine. It was a pleasant coincidence that we were all in the same city at the same time, and we decided to explore Bangkok together. We reminisced about our time in Bali and tried different street food, making the most of our time before catching our night train.

Navigating Bangkok’s Traffic

As the evening approached, we realized that we had to hurry to catch our night train. Unfortunately, Bangkok’s infamous traffic was beginning to build up, threatening to delay our plans. We quickly came up with a solution and decided to take a motorbike to beat the traffic. We weaved through the busy streets, making our way to the sky bar for a quick drink before rushing to collect our bags and catch the train. It was a nail-biting experience, but with a little bit of luck and some skillful navigation, we made it just in time.

Exploring the Train Tracks

While waiting for the train, we discovered a lively scene near the train tracks. Shops and food stalls had set up along the way, offering a variety of snacks and drinks. We couldn’t resist trying some delicious Pad Thai for dinner, which only cost us 1.50 USD. It was the perfect way to fuel up before settling into our beds on the train.

A Tour of the Sleeper Train Compartment

Once onboard the train, we were surprised by the level of comfort in our second-class sleeper train compartment. The seats could be converted into beds, offering a cozy spot to rest throughout the night. Our compartment had a window that provided a stunning view of the passing landscape, and we could even see the stars in the sky. The train staff were friendly and accommodating, making sure we had everything we needed for a pleasant journey.

Productivity on the Train

During the train ride, we took advantage of the downtime to catch up on work. The journey provided a peaceful environment, and we made use of the onboard Wi-Fi to edit and publish a video. Being able to work on the go was a real game-changer, and we were grateful for the opportunity to be productive while enjoying the scenic views.

Breakfast on the Train

As we woke up in the morning, we were greeted with the aroma of fresh coffee and breakfast being served on the train. While we declined the coffee, we couldn’t resist indulging in a hearty breakfast. The food smelled and tasted delicious, fueling us up for the day ahead.


In conclusion, taking Thailand’s sleeper train to the Thai islands was a fantastic experience. We highly recommend this mode of transportation for its affordability and comfort. From enjoying affordable meals at Pier 21 to navigating Bangkok’s traffic and exploring the train tracks, every moment was filled with adventure. The sleeper train provided a cozy and convenient way to travel, allowing us to rest and stay productive during the journey. If you’re planning a trip to the Thai islands, don’t miss the opportunity to experience Thailand’s sleeper train for yourself.