In the name of travel vlogging, Lost LeBlanc takes us on an adventure like no other. For over five years, he has been exploring breathtaking jungles and desolate deserts, taking us to the most popular destinations. But now, he reveals a hidden gem: his parents’ house. Unlike bustling cities or tourist hotspots, this destination flies under the radar, receiving only a fraction of the visitors. So, for those who believe that travel isn’t the same in 2020, Lost LeBlanc sets out to prove them wrong. Through his captivating Osmo action camera shots, he shows us what travel vlogging looks like in 2020, from making breakfast for loved ones to indulging in childhood games. It’s a unique perspective, filled with inspiration and a reminder to make the most of our time at home.

Travel Vlogging in 2020: A Journey with Lost LeBlanc


Welcome to the world of travel vlogging in 2020 with Lost LeBlanc! While travel may look a little different this year, Lost LeBlanc shows us that there are still plenty of adventures to be had, even from the comforts of home. In this comprehensive article, we will explore a day in the life of Lost LeBlanc as he shares his experiences and gives us a glimpse into his travel vlogging journey.

Breakfast with Loved Ones

Every great day starts with a delicious breakfast, and Lost LeBlanc knows just how important it is to fuel up before embarking on any adventure. Whether it’s whipping up fluffy pancakes or enjoying a latte with freshly picked strawberries, Lost LeBlanc shows us the joy of starting the day with a satisfying meal. And while he may not be the one doing the cooking (truth be told, his loved ones take care of that), he appreciates the effort and looks forward to the day he can make breakfast for others.

Playing Board Games

During this time at home, Lost LeBlanc rediscovers the joy of playing board games. Reminiscing about his childhood days when playing video games was a weekend treat, he finds solace in the simplicity and nostalgia of board games. Monopoly, Battleship, and Dutch blitz become his go-to choices for quality time with family. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the simplest things can bring the most happiness.

Motorbike Adventures

One of Lost LeBlanc’s passions is riding his motorbike, and he knows that even during challenging times, it’s important to hold onto the things that bring us joy. Exploring the beach area of White Rock in Canada, he takes us along for the ride, showcasing the beauty of the scenery and the freedom he feels on two wheels. With the vast open spaces of the suburbs allowing for social distancing, Lost LeBlanc shows us that adventure can still be found close to home.

Exploring White Rock

White Rock, a hidden gem with a small number of visitors compared to the bustling destinations Lost LeBlanc usually visits, becomes a place of discovery. Offering stunning beach views and a glimpse of neighboring America across the water, White Rock serves as a reminder that even in less-known places, there is always something wonderful to explore. Lost LeBlanc’s camera captures the beauty of the area, inspiring viewers to seek out their own local treasures.

Sweating it Out

In times of stress and anxiety, Lost LeBlanc turns to exercise as a way to channel his energy and clear his mind. Whether it’s going for a run or doing push-ups, he finds that sweating it out helps him stay focused and positive. With his trusty action camera capturing the determination and strength in his every move, Lost LeBlanc reminds us of the importance of taking care of both our physical and mental well-being.

Celebrating Heroes

Each day at 7 p.m., the sound of pots and pans fills the air as people in the suburbs take to their balconies to celebrate the heroes among us. Lost LeBlanc’s mom is one of those heroes, working with sick children and making a difference in their lives. This heartwarming moment serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength displayed by individuals across the globe during these challenging times. Lost LeBlanc’s camera captures the gratitude and support felt by communities as they come together to honor those who are making a difference.

Fixing a Haircut

While being at home allows for more personal time, it also presents unique challenges. Lost LeBlanc finds himself in a somewhat comical situation, sporting a crooked haircut and a hole in the back of his head. But instead of despairing, he assures viewers that he will fix it, showing resilience and a sense of humor in the face of unexpected mishaps. It’s a lighthearted moment that reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously and that even in difficult times, we can find a reason to laugh.

Appreciating Sunsets

As Lost LeBlanc watches a stunning sunset, he reflects on the value of appreciating the little things in life. Being confined to home makes us recognize the beauty in moments like these, cherishing quality time with family and the simple pleasure of watching the sun go down. It’s a reminder to pause, take a breath, and find gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us, even during challenging times.

Crushing Television

Being at home provides ample opportunity to catch up on television shows and movies. Lost LeBlanc immerses himself in his own travel vlogs, reliving past adventures and reminiscing on the incredible experiences he’s had around the world. It’s a reminder that while we may not be able to travel like we used to, we can still find joy in revisiting memories and finding inspiration for future adventures. Lost LeBlanc’s camera captures the essence of these moments, allowing viewers to join in the excitement of his past journeys.

Challenging Times and Opportunities

Lost LeBlanc acknowledges that these are challenging times for everyone. From business and social life to mental health, every individual is facing their own battles. But he also sees this as an opportunity. With the world on pause, it’s a chance to be in one place, to be home, and to invest time and energy into personal growth. Whether it’s learning a new skill, pursuing a passion project, or catching up on administrative tasks, Lost LeBlanc encourages viewers to find their own way to make this time count. He shares his own experience of building a Lost Creator Academy and reflects on the productivity and personal development that has come from this time at home.


As Lost LeBlanc wraps up his day, he highlights the power and versatility of his Osmo Action camera. With its durability, waterproof feature, and incredible stabilization, it has become an essential tool in capturing his unique perspectives and creative shots. Lost LeBlanc reiterates his commitment to adventure, whether it’s near or far, and encourages viewers to join him in getting lost in the next journey. As travel vlogging continues to evolve in 2020, Lost LeBlanc shows us that with a resilient spirit and a passion for exploration, the possibilities are endless. So grab your camera, embrace the adventure, and let’s get lost together.