In “Trying out Bangkok’s Popular Breakfast Spot: Splitting Bills Solution | Vlog by Lost LeBlanc,” Lost LeBlanc takes you on a budget backpacking adventure in Thailand. The video begins with the group exploring a popular breakfast spot and discussing a handy solution to splitting bills. They then venture into the unique mall, MBK, known for its knock-off items and cheap prices. Throughout the vlog, they highlight the affordability of taxi rides, their experiences in various floors of MBK, and their challenges to find the most ridiculous item they can buy with $10. The video concludes with a humorous interaction at a clothing store and their exciting plans for the rest of their trip in Thailand.

Join Lost LeBlanc in the third episode of his Thailand Vlog series, as he takes you on a captivating journey through Bangkok. From trying out an amazing breakfast spot to exploring the eccentric MBK mall, this vlog showcases the affordable side of backpacking in Thailand. Get insights into the group’s experiences, their tips for splitting bills, and their adventures in finding unique items within a budget. With humorous interactions, concerns about spy cameras, and their delight in discovering hidden gem street food spots, this vlog provides a friendly and immersive travel experience.

Lost LeBlanc Vlog: Breakfast at Bangkok’s Popular Spot

Introduction to Lost LeBlanc and the Vlog

Hey there, fellow travelers! Welcome back to another exciting vlog by Lost LeBlanc. Today, we’re diving into the vibrant and budget-friendly backpacking experience in Bangkok, Thailand. As always, we’re here to showcase the hidden gems, local spots, and thrilling adventures that await you in this beautiful country. So grab your backpack and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Highlighting Budget Backpacking in Bangkok

When it comes to backpacking on a budget, Bangkok is the place to be. From affordable taxi rides to incredible street food, this city offers endless opportunities to explore without breaking the bank. In our vlog, we’ll take you on a whirlwind adventure of Bangkok, showing you how to make the most of your travel budget while still having an incredible experience.

Trying out a Popular Breakfast Spot

Before we dive into exploring the city, let’s start our day off right with a delicious and satisfying breakfast. We’ve heard rave reviews about a popular breakfast spot in Bangkok, so we decided to check it out. This place has multiple locations across the city, and we’re excited to see if it lives up to the hype. Join us as we indulge in mouthwatering omelettes, sauerkraut pastrami, and homemade bagels that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

Discussion on Splitting Bills

Traveling with a group of people often leads to the dilemma of splitting bills. It can be challenging to keep track of who paid for what, especially during long trips. But fret not, because we’ve got a solution for you! One of our travel companions, Andrea, introduced us to an app called Splitwise. With this handy app, you can easily track and share expenses throughout your entire trip. Say goodbye to the confusion and enjoy stress-free bill splitting during your adventures.

Exploring MBK: Bangkok’s Unique Mall

Introduction to MBK

Our next stop takes us to MBK, one of Bangkok’s most unique and fascinating malls. This mall is like no other, as it is filled to the brim with street vendors and shops offering an array of knock-off items and cheap prices. If you’re looking for a shopping experience that is truly one-of-a-kind, MBK is the place to go.

Knock-off Items and Cheap Prices

As you navigate through the maze of corridors in MBK, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a plethora of knock-off items. From shoes to clothing and even high-end brand imitations, MBK has it all. The appeal of this mall lies in its affordability, allowing travelers on a budget to snag some great deals and souvenirs to take back home.

Highlighting Different Floors and Items Available

MBK is a multi-story mall, with each floor offering a unique shopping experience. As you move from floor to floor, you’ll notice a variety of vendors selling everything from clothing and accessories to electronics and home decor. Take your time exploring the different floors and uncovering hidden treasures that await you in this bustling shopping paradise.

Group Challenge: Most Ridiculous $10 Item

To add a touch of fun to our MBK adventure, we decided to challenge each other to find the most ridiculous item we could buy with just $10. It was a hilarious experience as we scoured the mall, trying to think outside the box and find the most unusual and unique items. Laughter and excitement ensued as we compared our finds and shared our funny stories along the way.

Humorous Interaction at a Clothing Store

Driving a Hard Bargain and Making a Deal

While exploring MBK, we stumbled upon a clothing store that caught our attention. Eager to get our hands on some new clothes, we dived into the world of bargaining. Negotiations ensued as we tried to strike a deal and get the best price possible. It was a lighthearted and humorous encounter, filled with friendly banter and playful haggling.

Different Floors and Strange Smell

As we ventured further into the clothing store, we discovered the different floors it had to offer. Each floor had its own unique character and distinct smell. We couldn’t help but notice a particular floor with a strange, almost burnt plastic smell lingering in the air. It added an interesting twist to our shopping experience, making it a memory we won’t soon forget.

Concerns about Spy Cameras and Leaked Tapes

Just when we thought our shopping adventure couldn’t get any more exciting, a thought crossed our minds – spy cameras and leaked tapes. With technology becoming increasingly advanced and surveillance systems becoming more discreet, it’s natural to have concerns about privacy. While we indulged in the thrill of shopping, we couldn’t help but joke about the possibility of our shopping escapades ending up on someone’s leaked tape.

Experiencing Catcalls while Walking Past Shops

As we walked past the various shops in MBK, we couldn’t help but notice the attention we were getting. Shopkeepers would call out to us, inviting us to explore their stores and showcasing their products. It was all in good fun, and we indulged in the lively atmosphere as we made our way through the bustling corridors of the mall.

Travel Tips and Experiences

Using a Smaller Sub Bag for Traveling

One of the essential travel tips we’ve learned over the years is the importance of having a smaller sub bag for your travels. This compact bag serves as a low-profile alternative to your main backpack. It easily fits inside your larger bag, taking up minimal space. With a sub bag, you can conveniently carry your essentials while exploring, allowing you to leave your main backpack at your accommodation.

Rainy Experience at a Sky Bar

While exploring Bangkok, we decided to visit a popular sky bar. However, the weather had other plans for us, and it started to rain. Despite the unexpected turn of events, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. Instead, we embraced the opportunity to witness the beauty of Bangkok’s skyline in the rain. The stunning view from the 45th floor of the sky bar left us in awe, reminding us that sometimes, the unexpected can turn into a memorable experience.

Meeting Another Content Creator and Discussion on a Trip to Burma

During our adventures in Bangkok, we had the pleasure of meeting another content creator, Chloe, who hails from Burma (Myanmar). As we exchanged stories and travel experiences, Chloe excitedly shared about the wonders of her home country. The discussion sparked an interest in planning a future trip to Burma, tempting us with its unique cultural experiences and breathtaking landscapes.

Fitness Program Progress and Creator Challenge

As active creators, we believe in the importance of maintaining physical health while pursuing our passion. In our vlog, we shared our progress in our fitness programs, highlighting the challenges and victories we encountered along the way. We also introduced our upcoming creator challenge, a program designed to guide aspiring creators in their journey to gaining views and building a successful channel.

Trying a Thai Massage and the Pain and Stretching Involved

No trip to Thailand is complete without experiencing a traditional Thai massage. We decided to give it a try, fully aware that it might involve some pain and stretching. The Thai massage proved to be a unique and intense experience, as the skilled masseuses worked their magic on our muscles. Although it was occasionally uncomfortable, the benefits of the massage left us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Delight in Finding a Hidden Gem Street Food Spot

As we roamed the streets of Bangkok, we stumbled upon a hidden gem street food spot that captured our attention. The aroma of sizzling dishes and the vibrant atmosphere drew us in, and we couldn’t resist indulging in a culinary adventure. From mouthwatering local delicacies to exotic flavors, this street food spot exceeded our expectations, leaving us in awe of Bangkok’s rich food culture.

And there you have it, fellow travelers – a comprehensive breakdown of our exciting vlog showcasing the best of Bangkok’s budget backpacking experience. From delicious breakfasts to unique shopping adventures and unforgettable cultural encounters, our journey through this incredible city was full of surprises and laughter. Stay tuned for more thrilling vlogs from Lost LeBlanc as we continue to explore and share the wonders of the world with you! Happy travels!