If you’re considering taking a cruise ship vacation, then “A One Week Caribbean Cruise Aboard the MSC Seaside” is a video you don’t want to miss. In this travel vlog by Lost LeBlanc, you’ll get an inside look at what it’s like to go on a cruise and explore the Caribbean. The video covers everything from the activities and amenities on the ship to the beautiful destinations visited along the way, including Saint Maartens, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. As someone who has traveled extensively, the vlogger shares his surprise at his experience on this particular cruise. So, if you’re looking for information and inspiration for your next vacation, this video is the perfect resource for you.

The video begins with a 28-hour travel day before boarding the MSC Seaside and embarking on the adventure. The first stop is Saint Maartens, an island that was devastated by Hurricane Irma but has since been rebuilt. Here, the vlogger and his girlfriend enjoy a Rhino excursion, snorkeling at Creole, and a delicious seafood meal. Then, they explore the boat and take advantage of various activities like relaxing by the pool and attending late-night comedy shows. Next, they arrive in Puerto Rico, where they explore the fort of San Juan and visit the rainforest. Lastly, they visit Nassau in the Bahamas, exploring landmarks like the Queen’s Staircase and the Atlantis Resort. Throughout the video, the narrator expresses his enjoyment of the cruise experience and highlights the fast internet on the ship, which allowed him to work and stay connected. So, if you’re looking for a taste of Caribbean adventure and want to decide if a cruise vacation is right for you, make sure to check out this captivating video by Lost LeBlanc.

Overview of the MSC Seaside Cruise

Duration and destination

The MSC Seaside Cruise is a one-week vacation that takes you on a journey through the Caribbean. Starting from Miami, you will visit various destinations including Saint Maartens, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. This cruise offers a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration.

Host and purpose of the video

The video, titled “Should YOU Take a CRUISE? One week in the CARIBBEAN,” is created by Lost LeBlanc, a popular travel vlogger. The purpose of the video is to provide viewers with an in-depth understanding of what it’s like to go on a cruise and help them make an informed decision about whether it’s the right vacation choice for them. Lost LeBlanc aims to showcase the activities, amenities, and destinations visited during the MSC Seaside Cruise.

Sponsorship by MSC

The video is sponsored by MSC, the company that operates the MSC Seaside Cruise. This partnership allows Lost LeBlanc to experience and document his week-long journey on the cruise ship. It also provides viewers with valuable insights into the cruise experience, giving them an authentic and unbiased perspective.

Benefits of the cruise

The MSC Seaside Cruise offers a multitude of benefits for its guests. Firstly, it provides a hassle-free way to explore multiple Caribbean destinations without the need for constant packing and unpacking. The cruise ship serves as a floating hotel, taking you to different ports of call while providing all the amenities and comforts of a luxury vacation. Additionally, the cruise offers a wide range of activities, excursions, and entertainment options, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. From relaxing by the pool to exploring vibrant cities, the cruise allows you to create unforgettable memories and experiences.

Exploring Saint Maartens

Introduction to the island

Saint Maartens is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean. It is unique in that it is divided into two parts, with one half belonging to the Netherlands and the other to France. The island was devastated by Hurricane Irma, but through resilience and determination, it has been rebuilt and is now ready to welcome visitors once again.

Rhino excursion

One of the highlights of the visit to Saint Maartens is the Rhino excursion. Guests have the opportunity to board boats and embark on an exciting adventure, exploring the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island. The Rhino boats are safe and easy to operate, allowing travelers to navigate the coastline and discover hidden coves and secluded beaches. This excursion provides a unique perspective of the island’s natural beauty and offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Snorkeling at Creole

Another fantastic activity in Saint Maartens is snorkeling at Creole. Creole is a popular snorkeling spot known for its pristine waters and abundant marine life. Snorkelers can dive into the turquoise sea and discover vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish, and other fascinating marine creatures. This activity allows you to immerse yourself in the stunning underwater world and create lasting memories.

Delicious seafood meal

After a day of adventure, it is time to indulge in a delicious seafood meal. Saint Maartens is renowned for its fresh seafood, and tourists can savor mouthwatering dishes prepared by talented local chefs. From succulent shrimp to delectable lobster, each bite is a burst of flavor that showcases the island’s culinary expertise and rich seafood traditions.

Visiting the famous runway beach

To top off the day in Saint Maartens, a visit to the famous runway beach is a must. This unique beach is located close to the airport, and visitors can witness planes taking off and landing right above their heads. It is a thrilling experience that truly captures the magic of the island. The beach itself is stunning, with soft sands and crystal-clear waters, providing the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Activities and Amenities on the MSC Seaside

Exploring the cruise ship

The MSC Seaside offers a plethora of activities and amenities for guests to enjoy. From the moment you step on board, you will be amazed by the sheer size and grandeur of the ship. Take the time to explore the various decks, restaurants, lounges, and entertainment areas. The ship is designed with attention to detail, ensuring that every corner is a visual delight.

Relaxing by the pool

One of the most popular activities on the MSC Seaside is relaxing by the pool. Whether you prefer to swim, sunbathe, or simply unwind with a refreshing drink in hand, the pool area provides the perfect oasis for relaxation. Soak up the sun, cool off in the pool, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the cruise ship.

Late-night comedy shows

For those who enjoy a good laugh, the MSC Seaside offers late-night comedy shows. Talented comedians take the stage, delivering hilarious performances that will leave you in stitches. Whether you are a comedy aficionado or just looking for some light-hearted entertainment, these shows are a fantastic way to end your day on the cruise.

The luxury suite area – MSC Yacht Club

If you are in search of ultimate luxury and exclusivity, the MSC Yacht Club is the place to be. This private suite area provides a sanctuary of tranquility and indulgence. Guests staying in the MSC Yacht Club have access to a private lounge, pool, and dining area. Retreat to this oasis and enjoy unparalleled service, personalized attention, and a truly elevated cruise experience.

Enjoying the balcony jacuzzi and waterslide

One of the unique features of the MSC Seaside is the balcony jacuzzi and waterslide. Guests staying in balcony rooms can enjoy the luxury of having their own private jacuzzi on their balcony, allowing for ultimate relaxation and serenity. Additionally, thrill-seekers can experience the excitement of a waterslide, adding a splash of adventure to their cruise experience.

Experience in Puerto Rico

Exploring the fort of San Juan

Upon arriving in Puerto Rico, visitors have the opportunity to explore the historic fort of San Juan. This fort, built by the Spanish in the 16th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a glimpse into the island’s rich history. Walk along the ancient walls, marvel at the impressive architecture, and learn about the stories and events that shaped Puerto Rico.

Insight into Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, although not a state, is a territory of the United States. This means that travelers can experience a unique blend of American and Latin cultures during their visit. The island is known for its vibrant music, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality. Immerse yourself in the local culture, interact with friendly locals, and gain a deeper understanding of Puerto Rico’s identity.

Visiting the rainforest

A visit to Puerto Rico would not be complete without exploring its spectacular rainforest. El Yunque National Forest is a true natural wonder, teeming with lush foliage, cascading waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. Embark on hiking trails, discover hidden gems, and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of this tropical paradise.

Colorful city of San Juan

San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, is a vibrant and colorful destination that should not be missed. Explore the charming streets of Old San Juan, with its brightly painted buildings, cobblestone streets, and historic sites. Visit local markets, indulge in traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, and soak up the lively atmosphere of this captivating city.

Visiting Nassau, Bahamas

Exploring Nassau

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is a tropical paradise that offers a wide range of attractions and activities. From stunning beaches to vibrant markets, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Take a leisurely stroll through the city streets, admire the colonial architecture, and immerse yourself in the laid-back Caribbean atmosphere.

Queen’s Staircase

One of the iconic landmarks in Nassau is the Queen’s Staircase. This magnificent staircase carved out of limestone is a testament to the island’s rich history. Climb the 66 steps and marvel at the craftsmanship and beauty of this architectural marvel. It offers panoramic views of the city and is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists.

Trying local food and drinks

No visit to the Bahamas is complete without indulging in the local cuisine. Nassau boasts a wide range of culinary delights, from fresh seafood to traditional Bahamian dishes. Sample conch fritters, cracked conch, and other seafood delicacies. Wash it all down with a refreshing Bahama Mama cocktail or a locally brewed beer for the ultimate island experience.

Visit to Atlantis Resort

Make sure to visit the iconic Atlantis Resort during your time in Nassau. This expansive resort complex features a water park, casino, aquarium, and hotel. Guests can explore the marine exhibits, swim with dolphins, or simply relax on the pristine beaches. Atlantis Resort is a world-class destination that offers endless entertainment and excitement.

Conquering fears at the water slide

For thrill-seekers, conquering the fearsome water slides at the Atlantis Resort is a must. From towering slides that plunge into clear blue water to high-speed rides that twist and turn, these adrenaline-pumping experiences are sure to get your heart racing. Challenge yourself and create unforgettable memories as you conquer the slides and embrace your inner adventurer.

Reflecting on the Cruise Experience

Final meal on the boat

As the MSC Seaside Cruise comes to an end, guests have the opportunity to enjoy a final meal on the ship. Whether you choose to indulge in a gourmet dinner or opt for a casual buffet, this meal allows you to reflect on your cruise experience and savor the last moments of your journey. Cherish the memories created during the week and savor the flavors of the delicious cuisine.

Impressions of fast internet and connectivity

One aspect of the cruise experience that stood out to many guests is the fast internet and connectivity on the MSC Seaside. In a world where staying connected is important, the cruise ship ensures that guests have access to reliable and high-speed internet throughout their journey. This is particularly beneficial for those who need to work remotely or stay in touch with loved ones back home. The seamless connectivity allows for a convenient and stress-free vacation experience.

Arriving back in the Port of Miami

As the cruise comes to a close, guests arrive back at the Port of Miami, where it all began. The return is bittersweet, as it marks the end of a memorable journey filled with adventure, relaxation, and new experiences. However, the Port of Miami serves as a reminder that there are always more adventures to be had and that the world is waiting to be explored. Leaving the cruise ship, guests can reflect on their incredible week and cherish the memories created aboard the MSC Seaside.