Have you ever wanted to experience the perfect start to the day in Bali? Join Lost LeBlanc in celebrating a month-aversary in this stunning location. With visits to Tegalalang rice terraces and Seminyak, every morning begins with breakfast at Bamboo Fort. Get travel tips, guides on social media business, and explore all the tourist spots in Bali. Enjoy cocktails and dinner, share travel experiences with Kara and Nate, and even hear answers to fan questions about vlogging and profits.

From overcoming vlogging awkwardness to planning a trip to Morocco after Poland, Lost LeBlanc captures the essence of Bali in a truly authentic way. With a shoutout to the fan of the day, Asha Tosh, and insights into capturing the essence of Ubud and Seminyak, this video showcases the beauty and excitement of traveling and vlogging in a new and refreshing way. Embrace the adventure and feel the inspiration as you dive into the world of travel and exploration with Lost LeBlanc.

Overview of Bali Trip

You recently traveled to Tegalalang rice terraces and Seminyak in Bali, exploring various tourist spots and enjoying cocktails and dinner. It was a memorable trip filled with unique experiences and delicious food.

Traveled to Tegalalang rice terraces and Seminyak

You visited the stunning Tegalalang rice terraces, one of the busiest places in Ubud, known for its beautiful symmetrical terraces. Despite the touristy atmosphere, the natural beauty of the rice terraces left you in awe. From interacting with locals to marveling at the picturesque landscapes, your trip to Tegalalang was truly unforgettable.

Explored various tourist spots in Bali

During your trip, you explored the tourist spots in Bali, from bustling markets to serene beaches. Each location offered a unique glimpse into the vibrant culture and rich history of Bali. Whether it was visiting temples or trying local cuisine, every experience added to the charm of your Bali trip.

Enjoyed cocktails and dinner in Bali

One of the highlights of your trip was indulging in cocktails and dinner in Bali. You savored delicious meals at beautiful restaurants and enjoyed the vibrant nightlife of Bali. The culinary delights and exotic flavors of Balinese cuisine left a lasting impression on you, making your dining experiences truly enjoyable.

Breakfast at Bamboo Fort

Every morning, you started your day with breakfast at Bamboo Fort, a unique dining experience that set the tone for your day. The delicious and authentic local cuisine served at Bamboo Fort was a culinary delight, offering a taste of traditional Balinese flavors. The relaxing ambiance and scenic views added to the overall experience, making it a perfect way to kick off each day of your trip.

Unique dining experience to start the day

Breakfast at Bamboo Fort provided a unique dining experience, immersing you in Balinese culture and hospitality. The attention to detail and the variety of dishes offered made each meal special and memorable.

Delicious and authentic local cuisine served

The breakfast menu at Bamboo Fort featured a range of authentic Balinese dishes, from traditional rice dishes to flavorful curries. The freshness of the ingredients and the skillful preparation by the chefs ensured a delightful dining experience with every bite.

Relaxing ambiance with scenic views

The tranquil setting of Bamboo Fort, coupled with the breathtaking views surrounding the restaurant, created a calming atmosphere for your morning meals. From lush greenery to serene landscapes, the ambiance of Bamboo Fort added to the overall charm of your Bali trip.

Interactions with Other Travel Vloggers

During your trip, you had the opportunity to interact with other travel vloggers, including Kara and Nate. Sharing travel experiences and insights with fellow content creators provided a valuable perspective on the vlogging community and allowed you to connect with like-minded individuals.

Shared travel experiences with Kara and Nate

Interacting with Kara and Nate offered a glimpse into their travel adventures and allowed you to exchange tips and stories from your respective journeys. The shared passion for exploring new destinations and creating engaging content brought a sense of camaraderie among vloggers.

Answered fan questions about vlogging and profits

Engaging with fans and answering their questions about vlogging and profits provided an opportunity to share knowledge and insights about the creative process behind travel content creation. Sharing personal experiences and tips helped fans gain a better understanding of the vlogging industry.

Fan of the day shoutout to Asha Tosh

Recognizing and appreciating fans like Asha Tosh by giving them a shoutout as the fan of the day showed gratitude for their support and loyalty. Building a strong rapport with your audience through interactions and acknowledgments fosters a sense of community and connection.

Travel Tips and Guides

During your Bali trip, you utilized social media for business promotion, planned a future trip to Morocco after Poland, and worked on overcoming vlogging awkwardness through practice. These travel tips and guides were essential aspects of your journey, offering valuable insights and strategies for navigating the world of travel vlogging.

Utilized social media for business promotion

Leveraging social media platforms for business promotion allowed you to reach a wider audience and showcase your travel experiences. By engaging with followers, sharing content, and utilizing social media marketing strategies, you were able to enhance your online presence and grow your brand.

Planned future trip to Morocco after Poland

Planning your next adventure to Morocco after Poland demonstrated your commitment to continuous travel and exploration. By setting goals and mapping out future travel plans, you stayed motivated and excited about the next destination on your itinerary.

Overcoming vlogging awkwardness through practice

Overcoming the initial awkwardness of vlogging through practice and exposure was a key lesson learned during your trip. By pushing past your comfort zone and honing your vlogging skills with each video, you gained confidence and improved your on-camera presence over time.


In conclusion, your Bali trip was filled with unforgettable experiences, from exploring Tegalalang rice terraces and Seminyak to enjoying cocktails and dinner in Bali. Breakfast at Bamboo Fort served as the perfect start to each day, offering delicious local cuisine and a relaxing ambiance. Interactions with other travel vloggers and fans provided valuable insights and connections within the vlogging community. Utilizing social media for business promotion and planning future travel adventures were integral parts of your journey. Overall, your Bali trip was a mix of adventure, culture, and creativity, showcasing the beauty of travel and the joy of sharing experiences with others.