Ruby and I recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary at the Bulgari Resort Bali, marking a new chapter in our lives and our growing family. We expressed our gratitude for taking chances in both business and love, and as a surprise gift, I presented Ruby with a wiener dog named Kevin. During our 3-day stay at the resort, we enjoyed the luxurious villa with stunning views, explored the amenities, indulged in a fresh seafood meal, and celebrated our special day on a secluded beach. We also made sure to visit the spa, admiring its beautiful architecture, and chose oils for a luxurious massage. Excitement filled the air as our visitor, Kevin, and Cota, the breeder, were scheduled to arrive. We were thrilled about the surprise we had planned for Kevin and Cota. As we reflected on the beauty of our current location, we realized that our time here was coming to an end, with only 2 days left. However, our stay at the Bulgari Resort Bali had been nothing short of magical, and we cherished every moment.

Celebrated 3 years of love at the Bulgari Resort Bali

Ruby and I recently celebrated our 3-year anniversary at the breathtaking Bulgari Resort Bali. This milestone marked a new chapter in our life and our little family. We are so grateful for the opportunities we have taken in both business and love that have led us to this beautiful moment. It’s true what they say, you have to risk it for the biscuit. We couldn’t be happier to be here, celebrating our love and the adventures we’ve shared together so far.

To make our anniversary even more special, I surprised Ruby with a gift she had always dreamed of. I presented her with a wiener dog named Kevin. This surprise brought tears of joy to her eyes. Kevin wasn’t just a pet, he was a lifelong dream of mine as well, and seeing Ruby’s happiness made it all worthwhile.

During our stay at the Bulgari Resort, we were in awe of the beautiful villa we stayed in. The villa boasted stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the ocean. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting to celebrate our love and create lasting memories together.

We took the time to explore the resort and made sure to enjoy all its amenities. From relaxing by the pool to taking long walks on the beach, every moment was filled with beauty and tranquility. We even had the chance to indulge in a fresh seafood meal, savoring the flavors of Bali. The resort truly offered a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

On our actual anniversary, we decided to celebrate on a secluded beach. Just the two of us, surrounded by the beauty of nature, we reflected on our journey together and all the wonderful moments we’ve shared. It was a truly magical experience, one that we will cherish forever.

During our stay, we also made a visit to the spa at the Bulgari Resort. The architecture of the spa was absolutely stunning. We couldn’t help but be in awe of its beauty. We treated ourselves to a luxurious massage and even had the opportunity to choose our own oils for a truly personalized experience. It was the perfect way to relax and unwind during our time at the resort.

Kevin and Cota’s Surprise Visit

During our stay at the Bulgari Resort, we had a visitor scheduled for 3:00 PM. Our dear friends Kevin and Cota were coming to visit us. What made this visit even more exciting was the surprise we had in store for Kevin. I couldn’t contain my excitement as their arrival grew closer.

As we waited for their arrival, we couldn’t help but admire the beauty of our current location. The stunning views and serene atmosphere made it the perfect place to spend time with loved ones.

With only two days left at the resort, we made sure to make the most of our time. We decided to take a breathwork class to deepen our connection and find moments of vulnerability within ourselves. Life can be filled with stresses and anxieties, and taking the time to truly be present and breathe can make all the difference. We were grateful to have a dedicated breathwork coach guiding us through this experience.

Experiencing Balinese Culture

When Kevin and Cota finally arrived, we were excited to show them a taste of Balinese culture. We took them to participate in a purification ceremony called mea, a practice deeply rooted in Balinese beliefs and traditions. It was a beautiful and spiritual experience, one that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the culture of the island.

Throughout our time in Bali, we were constantly reminded of how lucky we were to have this opportunity. We expressed deep gratitude for the chance to experience the beauty and richness of Balinese culture firsthand. It was a humbling experience that allowed us to connect with the people and traditions of this incredible place.

Of course, no celebration is complete without a delicious meal. We treated Kevin and Cota to a seven-course feast, indulging in the flavors and abundance of Balinese cuisine. The food was beyond our expectations, and we couldn’t help but be in awe of the culinary delights that Bali had to offer. It was a meal that brought us joy and satisfaction.

As our time at the Bulgari Resort Bali came to an end, we couldn’t help but reflect on our three-year anniversary and the journey we’ve been on together. We were grateful for each other and the love we share. The memories we created during this trip would forever hold a special place in our hearts.

As we said our goodbyes and expressed our gratitude to the staff at the resort, we knew that this was just the beginning of our adventures together. We were excited to continue our journey as a couple, taking more risks in both business and love. Our time at the Bulgari Resort Bali was the perfect way to mark this new chapter in our lives.