Nestled in the picturesque region of Le Marche in central Italy, San Ginesio shines as a hidden gem awaiting discovery. Less crowded with tourists compared to its famous counterpart, Tuscany, Le Marche is renowned for its medieval villages and breathtaking landscapes. Though the region experienced significant damage from the 2016 earthquakes, some towns, including San Ginesio, have persevered and made remarkable progress in their reconstruction efforts. In fact, San Ginesio was honored by the United Nations World Tourism Organization as one of the “Best Tourism Villages” in 2021. Embracing the slow travel ethos, Le Marche offers opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, paragliding, and skiing in the stunning Sibillini Mountains. For a delightful exploration, the charming villages of Sarnano and Amandola await your visit, promising an unforgettable experience of history, culture, and natural beauty.

San Ginesio: A Recognized Gem in Le Marche


Welcome to San Ginesio, a hidden gem nestled in the region of Le Marche in central Italy. Le Marche is renowned for its medieval villages and breathtaking landscapes, offering a unique charm that rivals that of Tuscany. In this article, we will explore the significance of San Ginesio, its remarkable reconstruction efforts after the devastating earthquakes, its recognition as a tourism village, and the plethora of outdoor activities available in the region. Additionally, we will take a closer look at the enchanting villages of Sarnano and Amandola, which are must-visit destinations for cultural enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Significance of San Ginesio

Located in the heart of Le Marche, San Ginesio boasts a rich history and remarkable architectural heritage. The town’s strategic position on a hilltop offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, making it a popular destination for visitors. San Ginesio dates back to the medieval era and has preserved its historical character through its well-preserved buildings and winding streets. Strolling through the town, you’ll encounter stunning examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, including the magnificent Palazzo Comunale and the Church of San Paolo.

Reconstruction After the Earthquakes

Le Marche, including San Ginesio, faced significant challenges in 2016 when the region was struck by powerful earthquakes. These seismic events caused extensive damage to buildings and monuments, resulting in the displacement of many residents. However, in the face of adversity, the resilient community of San Ginesio rallied together to rebuild and restore their beloved town. Through collaborative efforts and unwavering determination, substantial progress has been made in the reconstruction process. Today, San Ginesio stands as a testament to the fortitude of its inhabitants and the power of community spirit.

Recognition as a Tourism Village

In 2021, San Ginesio received international acclaim when it was recognized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization as one of the “Best Tourism Villages.” This prestigious recognition is a testament to the town’s outstanding efforts in preserving its cultural heritage, promoting sustainable tourism, and creating an unforgettable experience for visitors. San Ginesio’s rich history, architectural splendor, and warm hospitality have captivated the hearts of travelers from around the world.

Slow Travel in Le Marche

Le Marche embraces the concept of slow travel, encouraging visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s unique culture and take the time to appreciate its hidden gems. With an extensive network of local buses connecting the hilltop villages, exploring Le Marche at a leisurely pace has never been easier. Slow travel offers an authentic experience, allowing you to engage with locals, savor traditional cuisine, and discover the region’s hidden treasures at your own pace.

Outdoor Activities in Le Marche

Le Marche is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a myriad of activities amidst its spectacular landscapes. Hiking enthusiasts can embark on exhilarating trails in the Sibillini Mountains, where majestic peaks, tranquil lakes, and lush forests await. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, paragliding over the breathtaking landscapes of Le Marche is an absolute must-try. Additionally, during the winter months, ski enthusiasts can hit the slopes and enjoy the thrill of skiing in the Sibillini Mountains.

Charming Villages of Sarnano and Amandola

While San Ginesio is undoubtedly a captivating destination, the neighboring villages of Sarnano and Amandola should not be missed. Sarnano, another gem of Le Marche, enchants visitors with its well-preserved medieval architecture and charming atmosphere. Highlights include the historic Palazzo del Popolo, the elegant Church of San Francesco, and the picturesque Piazza Alta. Amandola, nestled at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, offers a wealth of natural beauty and cultural treasures. Exploring Amandola allows you to discover enchanting churches, historic palaces, and stunning landscapes that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

In conclusion, San Ginesio shines as a recognized gem in the region of Le Marche. Its rich history, remarkable reconstruction efforts, and recognition as a tourism village by the United Nations World Tourism Organization make it a must-visit destination. Embarking on a journey through Le Marche promises an unforgettable experience filled with slow travel, outdoor adventures, and the exploration of charming villages like Sarnano and Amandola. Whether you are a culture enthusiast, nature lover, or adventure seeker, San Ginesio and Le Marche have something to offer everyone. So pack your bags, immerse yourself in the beauty of this region, and discover the captivating allure of San Ginesio and its surroundings.